About the CGIS Arts in Paris Program



The program, CGIS: Arts in Paris, provides the opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge of Parisian art and culture through a 6-week intensive course on the historical contexts of Parisian Art and its ability to stand as a foundation to the progressive and modern city. Students will also have the opportunity to study the French language in a structured course, as well as with daily interactions in their home-stay. While studying in Paris, I plan to supplement my interests in outreach by performing in a number of churches and community venues.



Why are you fundraising?


Unfortunately, the CGIS: Arts in Paris program only offers scholarships to students of the School of Literature, Sciences, and Art, and I am excluded from receiving financial support from the program. As an active student in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, I am seeking the help of generous organizations and individuals in the community.



Benefits of Your Participation in the Program


The CGIS: Arts in Paris program will help me fulfill my French language requirement as a Voice Performance major, and I will have the opportunity to use my historical course studies and cultural submersion to gain a deeper insight into the French music I perform. My performances in the Parisian community will enhance my cultural experiences as an artist, and increase my understanding of the role of fine arts in the major cities of different countries. 


As a representative of SMTD, I would also love to share my experiences and be a vessel of encouragement to other students through the arts outreach workshop I will organize upon my return from Paris.




Shenika John Jordan