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Week 6

Last Moments in Paris!

Coming to this city has changed my life for the better. I had so many positive experiences in Paris, and I will always cherish these moments. Eventually, I actually want to live in Paris for a couple of years. 


Lessons Learned in Paris:


1. There is a major difference between learning a language in a classroom, and using the skills in everyday conversation with French speakers, especially the locals. 

2. Music is universal, regardless of where you come from.

3. Self-exploration is one of the best ways to discover fabulous finds in the city.

4. Being open to meeting new people will lead you to some of the most extraordinary human beings.

5. Always be open to understanding the culture and customs of others, regardless of how different it may seem.

6. Always be willing to serve regardless of how you might feel or how your day is going. You never know how much of a blessing you truly are to others. 

Musée Des Egouts De Paris

Paris Sewer Tour


Père Lachaise Cemetery

Catacombes de Paris

Château de Chantilly

 I am excited for what is to come in my life, and look forward to returning to Paris, France!


I was actually taking structural French lessons for 5 weeks. Please excuse that comment.