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And the adventure continues!

This week has been filled with a lot of exploration and preparation for my courses in history of art, and French. My french course officially begins and I am extremely excited to dive right into my studies of the language. To say the least, it has been both interesting and enlightening to live in France with little prior knowledge of the language in its conversational form. As a classical singer, I have performed french chansons, but speaking the language on an everyday basis is opening my eyes to the depths of french culture. I love it here!!!

I had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday, I was able to find a church to attend during my stay in Paris. On Sunday, I relaxed and met up with a friend by the Eiffel tower.

Inside the Sainte-Chapelle!

July 2

Luxembourg Gardens and Musée Carnavalet and more

July 3

Palace of Versalles

July 4

Happy Independence Day!!! 

I am proud to be an American!



I spent my day in french language class, and I really like it because I am surrounded by people from all over the world. I am definitely being challenged in ways that will help me learn french for practical use.


I also bid my friend, Montse, goodbye. She was an international guest of our host family, and returns to Mexico for school. Montse is one of the nicest individuals I have ever met! Her intelligence, humility, and beautiful soul will take her very far in life. Also, she is trilingual. This phenomenal 20 year old is now fluent in Spanish, English, and FRENCH! 


July 5

A day spent at the Paris International Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Happy Sabbath!