How to Support Shenika in Paris?

Here are some great ways to contribute for Shenika's program in Paris this summer! All donations will be greatly appreciated.



All checks should be written out to:


Shenika John Jordan

Memo: University of Michigan Student Aid


(If the check is written to the University of Michigan, it can easily get lost in the system, and take longer to process.)


Checks should be sent by mail to:





GoFundMe is a quick and easy way for supporters to donate at their convenience.

Click the link below to contribute through my GoFundMe site!








University Departments 


If you are donating on behalf of a department at the University of Michigan, please send funds directly to Shenika's U-M Student Account.


For more information please click the link below

Donation Receipts 

All contributions to Shenika for the CGIS Arts in Paris program will be reported to the University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid

All financial supporters of Shenika John Jordan will receive a receipt notifying them of their contribution as processed in the University of Michigan System.


Below is an example of the receipt:







What are you waiting for?




Once you have donated you will become a member of Shenika's Support Team.

Members receive fabulous benefits including an access code for exclusive photos and video clips of Shenika in Paris.